Corporate information

corporateThe most frequently measured process variable at the moment is temperature. Previous studies indicate that of all recorded process data, approximately 60% is temperature related.

Temperature measurement for industrial applications is accomplished, mainly, using thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors. Both thermocouple and resistance thermometry sense temperature using very low voltage signals. Any part of the electrical circuit that that is incompatible with maintaining the integrity, electrical and EMF properties of the circuit will adversely affect the output signal. Therefore the proper design and manufacture of all components in the measuring circuit are essential to realizing and preserving the accuracy of the observed temperature measurement.

Hamitherm was founded with the sole objective of supplying TC and RTD connectors designed and manufactured to meet high standards of accuracy and stability.

Furthermore Hamitherm has decided to only supply to the major OEM accounts eg.:

· Sensor manufacturers
· Instrument manufacturers
· Large resellers and supply houses.

The advantage to the Hamitherm customers is, that they do not have to face competition from the original manufacturer when quoting large projects.