Technology Hamitherm

technologyIn the design of thermocouple connectors we have taken the following issue’s into account:

· Product suitability for demanding applications
· Ease for assembly during production
· Competitive pricing.

The Hamitherm thermocouple connectors are designed such that they will meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. Products will cover ambient temperatures from -200 C up to 650 C.
The thermoplastic used is a 30% glass filled PETP with outstanding strength characteristics even at temperatures exceeding 200 C.
The thermoset material is epoxy based and performs well up till 350 C. The ceramic body in high purity alumina oxide will cover the high temperature applications up to 650 C.

All screws and plates are made in stainless steel to ensure a proper function also under adverse operating conditions.

Hamitherm has used all its expertise and experience in sensor manufacturing in the design of the thermocouple connector productline. Furthermore customer feedback has already resulted in a number of changes to improve ease of final assembly. Together with the range of available accessories this has resulted in a productline that will generate substantial savings in production times and thereby reduced overal sensor cost.

If all these factors are taken into account, Hamitherm thermocouple connectors offers a productrange that will ensure excellent value for money.