Corporate – Quality policy

quality-policyWe are of the opinion that there are three major factors that are decisive in the total Quality Approach being:

· Design Quality
· Product Quality
· Organization Quality.

Design Quality
The design of the product and the materials used are the overriding factors that will determine if a product will perform well in a given application. Hamitherm uses only original thermocouple materials, all plates, screws and brackets are stainless steel and when used together with the right choice of the body materials these features will guarantee a high performance.

Product Quality
In order to ensure that our products comply with the design parameters a system of appropriate control points has been set up. This includes incoming inspection, inprocess and final outgoing inspection. All our thermocouple materials are provided with material test reports and calibration certificates.

Organization Quality
In order to meet customer requirements, the Hamitherm organization is structured for a very quick customer response. Feedback on customer requests and shipping times can be measured in hours rather than days. Also we encourage our customers to freely comment on our overall line as well as on our product design and product quality. Your comments will help us to improve upon our performance.

Hamitherm is certified according ISO 9001:2015.